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Collection les Césars

Cuvée Le Grand Chêne

The Cuvée Le Grand Chêne Zero dosage is the occasion to discover the natural excellence of a blend of Grands et Premiers Crus from the 2010 harvest. 


It is composed by 70% of Chardonnay and 30% of Pinot Noir aged in wood barrel.


This duo reveals a fresh lightly wooded aspect, giving to its personality unicity and authenticity. 

The Collection “Les Césars” features high quality and particular Champagnes for connoisseurs.

Its Cuvées will be appreciated by sommeliers, oenologists and wines passionates.



Gold dress

Fine and lively bubbles

O N   T H E   N O S E​

Aromas of brioche

O N   T H E   P A L A T E

Fresh and slightly wooded 

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